In a true democracy all citizens have the right to participate and be heard. Your government leadership should allow its citizens to speak openly, regardless of political beliefs. The decision-making processes should be open, transparent, and never debated behind closed doors.

Instead of getting mired in the battle between the parties, government should set clear priorities in order to ensure Americans thrive in coming years. Texas needs leaders who can cut through the bureaucracy and get things done.



It’s about a fair shot for everyone

  • an environment that is clean and protected
  • an economy that works for all, where kitchen table issues are as important as board room issues
  • an education system that is strong, effective, and funded
  • health system that provides quality, affordable care for all
  • justice system that is blind to race, social station, or economic standing
  • an electoral system where ballots are counted, not suppressed


Ensuring a fair shot means constituents must have

  • a Congressman who communicates with all citizens in the district, not just with those who voted for him/her
  • a full-time servant leader
  • in person, in district Town Hall meetings
  • open, transparent decision-making
  • citizen participation in policy discussions
  • leadership that stresses community


Establishing a fair shot requires a vision which

  • learns from experience 
  • brings creative solutions to existing problems
  • reaches across the aisle
  • builds on existing, successful programs/initiatives
  • cuts through bureaucracy to a solution
  • believes in “Profiles in Courage” rather than career building partisanship


Implementing a fair shot means replacing partisan, party politics with

  • decisions based on facts and fairness
  • cooperative win-win strategies
  • prioritizing common sense proposals
  • people over party 
  • bold goals and clear priorities that “promote the general welfare”


Mike began a solo practice in 1971 in Round Rock, Texas. He then formed the Law firm of Grimes & Sheets, P.C. in 1974, which eventually evolved into the firm of Grimes, Sheets and Davis P.C., and finally, Michael E. Grimes, P.C. Mike currently practices independently and in the firm of Grimes Law, P.C.

He has been extensively involved in civil litigation and has represented the City of Round Rock, the City of Cedar Park, the Round Rock Independent School District, the Bastrop Independent School District, the Jewet Independent School District, and Williamson County Title Company in matters involving civil litigation, along with thousands of individuals and businesses. Much of Mike’s current litigation is concentrated in the areas of personal injury, catastrophic injury and product liability.

He has been certified by the Texas Bar Association as having special competence in the field of Civil Litigation since 1987. He is currently licensed to practice law in the State Courts of Texas, the Federal Courts of the Western District of Texas and the United States Supreme Court.

Community Involvement: Mike has served as President of the Kiwanis Club of Round Rock, President of the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce, President of the Round Rock Soccer Association, President of the Williamson County Juvenile Board, and as a founding member of the Round Rock Sertoma Club.